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Founded in 1976 to provide integrated services in offset printing and digital printing. We look forward to deliver our way of excellence in customer service and print quality as well as take advantage of the latest technology in order to create an unforgettable experience of client servicing.

This approach continues to represent the main rule that underpins our success, moreover; we are always keen to develop our facilities, equipment and staff training programs to ensure the delivery of unmatched products and services.

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We are specialized in all kinds of printing and packaging jobs.

Al Shams Packaging Factory


Al Shams Printing team includes innovative designers with extensive experience in various printing stages, they know how to handle masterly wiith different types of software, includig modifying images and text editing...


The fully automated printing section is capable of handling large scale operations with versatile machines capable of handling multiple – substrate printing.


The factor for the printed product is added at the Finishing Phase. Our machinery and skilled labours provide exceptional Cutting, Folding, Binding , sport uv , perfect binding ...

What Gunpowder Did For War
The Printing Press Has Done For The Mind.

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We have a group of expertises and dedicated team.

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Al Shams Packaging Factory

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Al Shams Packaging Factory

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