Welcome to Al shams Printing , which was founded in 1976 to provide integrated services in offset printing and digital printing. We look forward to deliver our way of excellence in customer service and print quality as well as take advantage of the latest technology in order to create an unforgettable experience of client servicing.

This approach continues to represent the main rule that underpins our success.

Moreover , we are always keen to develop our facilities, equipment and staff training programs to ensure the delivery of unmatched products and services. We are fully aware that our customers deserves the highest quality grades and the best materials, so we are keen to provide them with all the tools that answer their own needs in order to consolidate Al shams Printing as one of the pioneers of the specialized printing houses in Saudi Arabia and the whole region.

When talking about excellence and quality in printing, Al shams always come to the fore through its own structure, which includes integrated and specialized sections at every stage, from the prepress stage till the post-print. This excellence is reinforced through large areas occupied by al shams Printing where it has the biggest space among presses in KSA, allowing them to innovate and provide additional solutions to bring more quality and excellence for its services, and provide Al Shams Printing’s customers with high quality products and services through a firm commitments to provide the best . And to achieve this purpose, we have injected huge investments in advanced technologies and our human staff who are highly qualified academically and professionally, which reflects positively on the production with the highest standards of quality operations.

Al Shams Packaging Factory

At Al Shams Printing Packaging, every printing work is not just routine, but it is rather an essential process that is monitored very carefully, through measurement and review of each stage according to specific criteria. Moreover, we make sure to apply certain means to control and assure international quality. After nearly four decades in the printing industry, Al Shams Printing Packaging has become a model in mastering the art of printing either digital or offset, and this helps us in dealing with the various printing requirements of a wide range of customers.

There has been several factors behind the success of Al Shams Printing’s strategy that made it one of the best specialized presses at all levels. The core strength of Al Shams Printing is represented first in our professional team and second in our ultimate confidence in our distinguished customer; so we are proud with the fact that Al Shams Printing is one of the leading Saudi Arabia Printing Packaging companies.

The leadership

Meet the Team

We have a group of expertises and dedicated team.

Nouf I Alrekeyan
Human Resources Manager
Suresh Kumar
Production Manager
Jogy Thomas
Accounts Manager

Mohammed Yousef
Senior Sales Executive
Manoj Kannath
Sales Manager
Sales Manager
Kiran Kumar
Sales Manager

Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Quality Control
Al Shams Packaging Factory
Since it is initiated, Al Shams Printing Packaging was keen to invest in the best equipment and supplies in the world to ensure supplying our customers with the best standards of quality through equipping the presses with the latest machinery and technology devoted to provide printing solutions that meet all technical applications in accordance with the highest international standards that apply to all operations of print; sort colors, offset printing, binding, polishing, sewing, folding and digital printing.
Al Shams Printing is specialized in offset printing of publications, magazines manuals, advertising, government communications, services, preparation for printing, printing and post-printing services all under one roof. Our printing section includes Offset printing (CMYK) and Pantone colors (PANTONE), print labels, cards, computer paper, silk screen, UV Varnish Letterheads, envelopes, business cards, leaflets, ads shelves, envelopes brochures, catalogs, magazines, books , agendas, annual calendar (the wall and desktop ones), promotional posters, cartoon packs for restaurants and desserts, bags, advertising materials and promotional advertisements.